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Teacher Surgery Times

If you need to see your child's class teacher they are available at the following surgery times. However, if it is urgent, please call in either at the beginning or end of the school day.

To arrange a surgery appointment, it is recommended that you contact the school office in advance to organise a suitable day and time.


Surgery Times for seeing teachers:

RPH (Miss Plint) - Wednesday (Mrs Hardwick) - Thursday

RBG (Mrs. Briggs) - Wednesday (Mrs. Gates) - Thursday

1M (Mrs Mckenzie) - Tuesday

1FM  (Mrs Fairclough)  - Tuesday,  Miss McDonald (Tuesday)

2B (Mr. Brown) - Thursday

2WS (Mrs Windett-Smith) - Tuesday

3BT (Mrs Brown) - Tuesday  (Mrs Towey) - Thursday 

3HL (Mr Hornby) - Wednesday, (Mrs Lewis) Wednesday

4HS (Mrs Hudson) - Wednesday (Miss Snell) Wednesday

4C (Mr Charlton) - Wednesday

5F (Miss Fyfe) - Wednesday

5C (Mr. Cullen) - Friday

6M (Miss Moss) - Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

6W (Mr Walker) - Wednesday or Friday