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Key Learning in English for each year group

The above materials have been written by Lancashire Professional Development Service (LPDS) Teaching and Learning Consultants for Primary English in conjunction with the aims and statutory requirements set out in the National Curriculum 2014.


They are used in school to aid assessment and to determine how successful a child has been in meeting their age related expectations.


Parents may like to have a look to aid their understanding of the expectations there are for each year group with regard to the National Curriculum 2014.


Prior to the introduction of this curriculum, schools assessed pupils according to levels, where a typical Year 2 pupil would be expected to attain Level 2 and a Year 6 pupil to reach Level 4. Higher levels would indicate greater success. Now, there is more importance placed on deeper learning rather than this rapid progression. A pupil should not necessarily be ‘pushed’ to acquire knowledge and skills in a higher year group; instead, learning how to use and apply the learning in a range of contexts and challenges is seen as more important.


The National Curriculum of 2014 is more challenging than the preceding curriculum. Expectations are higher and children are faced with more challenging objectives at an earlier age.