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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Head Update 14.9.2020

14th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


Thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown in response to our need to isolate one of our Year 2 classes. Your trust, understanding and appreciation have been invaluable, particularly when it comes to avoiding rumours and speculation, which we are conscious is a challenge in other schools.

As a school we continue to follow the guidance we are given and work hard to ensure that we provide a safe and vibrant environment for your child/ren. All staff and children needing to isolate as a result of a positive test in 2HC are now isolating. Access to learning on SeeSaw will be available from tomorrow morning. Please reference our provision for on-line learning on our school website where our intentions are documented. We will continue to refine this provision as time progresses and we discover more functionality within the learning platform.

This time of year, even in non-Covid times, is always a challenge as children and staff begin to share coughs and colds brought on by the changing weather. It becomes difficult to know what is best in terms of sending children into school. This is even more difficult at the moment when there is heightened awareness surrounding coughing. We trust that parents know their children best and are confident that the symptoms the children show are ‘seasonal sniffles’ rather than Covid. However, we think the child is symptomatic, we will directly ask parents to collect their child and book a test.

In order to improve and simplify communication of positive tests from parents which have been returned over a weekend we ask that if you email both and From this point, as soon as we check in with our messages, we will endeavour to get in touch with you, seek advice form the local Health Protection Team and conduct all necessary communications.

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine today – looks like it’s in for the week  


Phil Wright