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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Update from Mr Wright 04/09/20

4th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers

First few days over and hopefully lots of children reporting to you that not too much has changed and they are feeling settled.

Over the next two weeks we will continue to focus on settling the children and emphasising reading but also really getting to grips to where each child is up to in their learning. This will ensure that we have a strong foundation of where their individual learning will start from and help us to build effectively.

Thank you for your support this morning with the drop-off at school. Things worked a lot more smoothly and congestion was almost eradicated. Please continue to support us with this as we continue into next week and beyond. We will hopefully have removed the fence ready for Monday which has been causing a bit of a back-log.

Just a polite request that every effort is made to collect your children punctually at the end of the day – particularly those children from the younger classes who do not have older siblings. The collection points for the younger ones are needed quite soon afterwards for the older children and we are keen to make sure we do not mix the children’s ‘bubbles’. Thank you for your understanding with this.

On a related note, please continue to be mindful of the space needed for Janet (our road crossing patrol) to undertake her role. Can you also encourage the children to walk in front of her rather than behind to make sure that she can keep them safe?

We will try and post something on-line next week to share with you something about the direction we will be developing in school as we move forward. We have a dynamic vision which we are excited for you to be part of.

The Breakfast Club re-starts next week and Covid protocols are in place to keep everyone safe and interacting only in their ‘bubbles’. Please make sure you book places in the club to cover your needs for the week before 3pm on the Thursday before. This is a slight change from the usual process but is necessary because of more limited space to host the children in a socially distant way. As a result of these challenges, without prior booking we may find it harder to accommodate requests which are a little more ad hoc. Hopefully this won’t cause too many difficulties.

We hope you have good weekend.

Stay safe