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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Update From Mr Wright 09/09/20

9th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers

Time for a quick update – start and ends of the day are working much better now and we really appreciate your help in ensuring that we all remain as safe, and feeling safe, as possible.

We have received one or two queries about the protocols around Covid related to other issues in school and for some clarifications to be made. There are three things in particular:

  • Bags in school – at the moment because we have no space to store them (children can’t congregate in the cloakrooms) bags should not be brought into school. Children should only bring their lunchbox, their book bag (a Dallas Rd branded one is not necessary), a coat and a snack (which can be kept in their lunchbox or coat pocket as size dictates). This message is being followed up in school.
  • Birthday treats – this is a tricky area of school protocols at the best of times (quantity, healthiness, frequency, logistics of distribution, allergies) but during this time there is even more complexity. During this time, please do not send ‘treats’ into school. We will review this practice in due time.
  • Face masks – as things stand the current government guidance is that there is no expectation that parents, children or staff should be wearing a face-mask at the starts and ends of the day for drop-off and pick-up. Until the guidance changes this will continue to be our approach, however this may need to change as we move forward. Please remember to maintain an appropriate distance when waiting ang keep your children by your side.

As a school community we are working together really well to avoid late arrivals and the need for people to visit the school office. Before making the choice to visit the school office please think about the following:

  • Can the question, query or concern you have, be dealt with via email or telephone?
  • Can I make an appointment to have my question, query or concern dealt with?
  • Is there something else I can do to avoid visiting the office?

We have a great opportunity to demonstrate how well school communities can work together in the face of challenging times and we will hopefully be building towards a bright future

Thank you for your support


Phil Wright