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Websites to support learning from home

The following links are intended as possible sources of support for parents & carers who are working with children at home due to a school closure.

They are designed to be accessed in addition to what class teachers are e-mailing daily.

It is crucial that parents appreciate the need for caution regarding keeping their children safe online. Please be mindful of home security filters, supervision of children online, amount of screen time etc.

The list of support below begins with guidance for parents about this most important aspect:


Internet Safety for Parents & Carers - Internet Matters advice for parents (0-5). Various topics to discuss with children and keep children safe online - Internet Matters advice for parents (6-10) – Various topics to discuss with children and keep children safe online. - Information to support parents and carers - NSPCC website for parents


Sites that cover a range of subject areas - huge range of different resources and information broken down into Key Stages and year groups - a huge range of different subjects and focuses, arguably the best host of any resource you could need. Have offered a free account in the result of school closures. - huge number of activities that cover a whole range of subjects. Also holds links to games etc that are hosted by other sites. – free downloadable workbooks - Mainly Maths and English activities. Free registration.



Brilliant resource which allows you free access to a library of ebooks that are organised by age and reading scheme book band. You need to register but it is free and is great if you can’t get to the library. Teach your monster to read (Reception- Y2) - Phonics games. Currently free access to the whole site. – Topmarks English resources (Key Stage 1) (Key Stage 2) - Fun site designed to help learning of word classes


Maths -(EYFS and Year 1) Videos to develop understanding of numbers and how they fit together. - (Years 1 and 2) Short videos and activities covering the maths curriculum for KS1. - (Years 3 to 6) Short videos and activities covering the maths curriculum for KS2. - online resources and print offs with specifically broken down key stage focuses. - Lots of maths activities split into different year groups – Topmarks Maths resources - (KS2 – video tutorials and lots of good arithmetic/times table questions) - A good guide for parents - Home learning resources.


Science - lots of science subject areas covered with resources specifically designed for primary age children. (Other subjects are also available on this site). - ExpeRimental is a series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science experiments at home with your children. The films depict the age of the children for which the experiments are suitable. - Dyson engineers have designed these challenges specifically for children. Ideal for home or in the classroom, they encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering. - Free, downloadable materials to support being nature detectives in the outdoors (KS1) (KS2)



Activities you could do with your child. If school is closed but your child does not need to self-isolate you may consider some sort of physical activity. The Chief Medical Officers guidelines for young people is to be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Examples of moderate intensity activities include, walking, playing outside in a park, riding a scooter, cycling, ball games etc. Reduce the time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some activity. Aim to spread activity throughout the day. All activities should make you breathe faster and feel warmer, above all make it fun and something the children enjoy.

The following sites may provide ideas if you struggle with this: - (activities for Ks1 and Ks2 children)


History - The Historic England website contains an education section that includes: teaching activities, collections of educational images, downloadable resources, PowerPoints, worksheets and notes. (KS1) (KS2)


Geography - (KS1) - (KS2) - (KS1) (KS2)


French - Fun and addictive French activities. Free account available - French language games


DT (KS1) (KS2)


Computing - Code for Life (Rapid Router) Levels 1-18 for KS1 Levels 19-79 for KS2 Concepts are taught as the children move through the levels. - (KS1) (KS2)


Art - Art related games and quizzes - The entire collection online – Focus on 6 different artists (KS1) (KS2)


RE (KS1) (KS2)


Music (KS1) (KS2)