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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School


At Dallas Road School it is recognised that all staff play a key role in safeguarding pupils and in the prevention of harm, early identification, intervention and support  for pupils at risk of significant harm. We aim to create an environment where children are safe, valued and know that their concerns will be taken seriously. The vision, aims and ethos of the school all support this intention to ensure the safety and security of children in our care.

We follow policies and procedures outlined by Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board to ensure all children are safeguarded. Our Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy is updated annually and all staff receive regular safeguarding training.


The Designated Safeguarding Leads are:


Mr A. Newton (Headteacher)

Mrs A Long (Learning Mentor)

Mrs C.Fairclough (Deputy Headteacher)


We ensure that children are safe while they are on site with us or out and about on school activities while at the same time providing support for families and children where a higher level of need exists.


If you have any concerns about the safety / well being of any of our pupils please speak to the Designated Senior Leader for safeguarding (Adam Newton) or one of the Deputy DSLs (Clare Fairclough or Annabelle Long). 


We ensure that the school site is a safe environment. All visitors need to report to the school office to gain entry to school where they will be asked to sign in and receive a school visitors badge. At the end of the visit they need to sign out to indicate that they have left the premises. 


We ensure all educational visits and off site activities have a full risk assessment using the Lancashire Evolve system.


We ensure that all adults working in school with the children or who have any access to the children have relevant DBS checks in place. The school maintains a single central record, which records all adults (teachers / TAs/ welfare staff / governors / volunteers etc) and the checks that have been carried out.


All school staff have annual safeguarding training using the LCC approved training and the DSL and deputy DSL attend advanced safeguarding training. Staff and governors have attended the safer recruitment training, ensuring all appointments are carried out with due regard to safeguarding.


We work closely with other organisations (e.g. Social Services/ Family and well being team etc) to provide support for families with a greater level of need.


Educational Visits and Visitors

Mr Newton & Mrs Fairclough are our Educational Visits Coordinators. All school trips are thoroughly risk assessedand uploaded to EVOLVE. The trip must be approved by Mr Newton and Mrs Fairclough.
Type B visits (e.g. residentials) require to be submitted 4 weeks in advance.


We have due regard to the contents of all the key safeguarding documentation - see documents below.



Find out more about the importance of online safety by visiting the page below:

The Government has published guidance for authorities, including schools, on their responsibilities under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, which came into effect in July 2015. Under the Act schools have a duty to "have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism,".