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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Prospective Reception parents are encouraged to contact us on 0152464520 to arrange a convenient time to visit and tour our amazing school.

Support Staff

School Admin Team

  • Mrs M. Hughes
  • Mrs M. Jones


Site Management and Cleaning Staff

  • Mr S. Clark - Site Supervisor
  • Mrs J. Doyle
  • Mrs F. Desai
  • Mrs A. Munshi


Catering Team

  • Mrs S. Clark - Catering Manager
  • Mrs M. Akister
  • Mrs J. Doyle
  • Mrs C. Hayton


Midday Supervisors

  • Mrs M. Banga
  • Mrs F. Desai
  • Ms N. Elalfy
  • Mrs R. Fish
  • Mrs S. Hakim
  • Ms T. Jackson
  • Mrs S. Khan
  • Mrs A Saxon
  • Mrs L. Vowell
  • Mrs R. Maje
  • Mrs Y. Maje
  • Miss K. Steff
  • Mrs M. Suleman
  • Mrs A. Munshi
  • Ms H Harrison