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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Prospective Reception parents are encouraged to contact us on 0152464520 to arrange a convenient time to visit and tour our amazing school.

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M. Akister

Mrs L. Atkinson

Mrs D. Blezard

Mrs T. Chel

Mr H. Clarke

Ms N. Elalfy

Mrs R. Fish

Mrs A. Fisher

Mrs M. Foster

Mrs R. Glendenning

Mrs P. Goacher

Mrs J. Grounds

Mrs R. Harding

Miss H. Harrison

Mrs A. Haxby

Mrs S. Hinchliffe

Miss T. Jackson

Mrs J. Kitching

Mrs R. Lowson

Mrs E. Morphet

Mrs S. Naviya

Mrs S. Ramachandran

Mrs A. Smith

Miss B. Stoddon