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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Governors and committees

Governor Committees

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Paul Carter (Acting Chair)

Ivor Griffiths (Chair)

Shenaz Patel

Nicola Caldwell-Hickman

John Weedy



Graham Walker

Cath Hill

Sam Edge

John Weedy


Uschi Maden-Weinberger

Cath Hill

Nicola Caldwell-Hickman


Ivor Griffiths


Uschi Maden-Weinberger


Michael Greenhalgh


Graham Walker





Nominated Governors


Chair – Cath Hill                                                                              Reception –  Cath Hill

Vice- Chair –                                                                                  Year 1 – Shenaz Patel

Link Governor – John Weedy                                                           Year 2 – Nicola Caldwell-Hickman

Mathematics –                                                                                  Year 3 – Uschi Maden-Weinberger

English –                                                                                          Year 4 – John Weedy

SEN – Kirsty Flatley                                                                         Year 5 – Ivor Griffiths

Child Protection – Cath Hill                                                               Year 6 – 

Pupil Premium – Cath Hill