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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Uniform Information

The Governors have adopted a school uniform that is both reasonably priced and practical:


Sweatshirts or Cardigan with school logo Navy Blue
Trousers, skirts or shorts Grey, Black or Navy
Polo shirt, short or long sleeved shirt/blouse White or Blue
Summer School Dress Blue  
Footwear Flat black shoes or black trainers


School uniform and bags with the school logo on are available from the Uniform & Leisurewear Company Ltd on Common Garden street in Lancaster. 

Fair Trade options are also available through Koolskools. See the link at the bottom of the page.

Items such as sports clothing or fashion clothing are not allowed.




Indoor kit - white polo/t-shirt

               - black/navy shorts, leggings or tracksuit/jogging bottoms

               - bare feet


Outdoor kit - white polo/t-shirt

                 - black/navy shorts, leggings or tracksuit/jogging bottom

                 - trainers/pumps (but not trainers that have been worn as school  shoes)

                 - black/navy jumper, hoody (school ones are available to purchase) or tracksuit top


Swimming - Boys - trunks or tight, short shorts

                 - Girls -  one piece swimming costume (A bikini/ holiday wear is not appropriate)

                 - Swimming hats (school ones available to purchase from the office) for anyone                                                 whose hair goes in the eyes when wet

                 - Goggles (if permission slip completed - see class teacher or office)


NB: No jewellery except simple stud earrings may be worn. There may be religious exceptions to this rule - please discuss this with us if this affects your child.