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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

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A Dallas Road Maths Lesson

A Maths lesson 


A typical Maths lesson across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will encompass a mix of exploration, teacher led practice and independent thinking. Each lesson will follow a similar structure:

  • Wake up to maths – this is a starter activity to help the children to focus and practise important skills.
  • An Anchor task – this is an opportunity for the children to explore a mathematical idea in a real-world context or problem, often supported with concrete or pictorial resources.  In this stage, the children share ideas and discuss the maths they observe, making connections to previous learning.
  • Teaching and Guided Practice – the children have the opportunity to apply new strategies and skills in a guided context, exploring different representations of the maths they are learning and discussing misconceptions. 
  • Independent Practice – the children continue their learning journey answering questions which have been designed and sequenced to develop and challenge the children’s thinking. 
  • Balloon task - the end of the lesson provides an opportunity for the children to apply their new learning to a problem which is presented in a different way or context.  The children apply their knowledge, making connections to their learning within the lesson.  This helps to further develop the children’s reasoning and their use of mathematical vocabulary.


Within this lesson structure, there is flexibility for the class teacher to tailor their teaching to the needs of the children in their class.  For example, during the guided and independent learning, some children may be supported in different ways while others may be challenged through differentiated activities.