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Dallas RoadCommunity Primary School

Prospective Reception parents are encouraged to contact us on 0152464520 to arrange a convenient time to visit and tour our amazing school.

School Values

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Values Based Education 


The aim of Values Based Education is to raise standards by promoting a school ethos which is underpinned by core values that support the development of the whole child as a reflective learner. The purpose of values based education is to help our school community think about and reflect upon positive universal values and the practical implications of expressing them in relation to themselves, others, the community and the world.

We hope to inspire individuals to choose their own positive personal, social, moral and spiritual values and be aware of ways of developing and deepening them as citizens of the world.


At Dallas Road we have given a lot of thought to the values that we are trying to promote. We regularly consider our core values and how the school sustains an ethos which supports the pupil as a reflective learner and promotes quality teaching and learning.


As a school community we have chosen a series of values that we believe the ethos of the school should be built upon.


These include:


Appreciation, Courage, Friendship, Honesty and Trust, Hope and Aspiration, Love, Positivity,  Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Thoughtfulness and Unity,


These values will at times be addressed directly through lessons and assemblies, but they will permeate the whole curriculum. They are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of the child. We encourage our pupils to consider these values, thereby developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to develop as reflective learners and grow to be stable, educated and civilised adults.


We explore a different value each half term and the meaning of each value is shared in assemblies and class sessions and every member of the Dallas Road Family is encouraged to ensure that the value of the month permeates the whole school community.


We ensure that parents/carers are aware of our current value and encourage them to share their views on our values approach and to support the school and bring values into their home life.