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Learning at home

It is always really helpful if you can help consolidate the learning your child is doing at school when you are at home. It makes such a difference to their learning and can be great fun!


Sound Sheets

Once we start our phonics teaching your child will bring home 'sound booklets'. These will cover the sounds we have been learning in phonics along with the actions and formation. Please support your child by practising the sound and name of each letter as often as possible. Little and often is usually best!


Reading books

Here are a few tips for reading at home. Remember it is supposed to be fun! If you need any help, please come in and see us.


In reading we encourage the children to use the following strategies when they come across an unfamiliar word;


  • Look at the pictures for clues
  • Sound out each letter then 'squash' them together                         
  • Miss out the word and read to the end of the sentence
  • Make sure it makes sense.



Any skills that support the development of fine motor skills is useful in developing essential handwriting skills. Activities such as using tweezers, tracing, cutting, picking up small items as well as doing buttons etc. Developing a correct pencil grip is essential as well as ensuring letters are started in the right place, bad habits quickly become routine and are very difficult to 'unlearn'.

Here are a few websites that we sometimes use at school.

They mainly include phonic and numeracy games. Enjoy!

If you need any more information or advice about the sites, please call in and see us.